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Accent Refinement - for ESL/EFL speakers

Designed for those who already have good English language skills, this course helps to identify and overcome pronunciation difficulties. The special emphasis is on speaking as the listener hears. The trainer offers simple, key exercises and practices that will help each speaker adopt a North American sound.

Rates vary with size of group.
Employers will be interested in the Shared-Cost Program.
Private sessions available for individuals.


“...I’ve been learning English for over 16 years now, and have never had such effective pronunciation training until I met Joy. She is a great teacher. She is systematic in identifying and correcting each person’s unique and specific problems. The result is so good that my employer is now sponsoring employees to take lessons from her.” -- J. Wang ORION-GLOBAL

“After taking Joy’s course I am more confident in offering my comments in meetings.” -- Y. Li

“These private sessions were very valuable, not just for my pronunciation, but to understand proper business etiquette. Everyone notices the improvement in my speech. I will definitely refer others to Joy” -- S. Amirpour