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A Note from Joy Juckes

The methods and practices at Resonare have grown out of my years of study and exploration with Voice and Speech. I have been captivated by the many ways in which we humans use our voices to change and influence our world. This thing we call “Resonance” continues to intrigue and amaze me, as I observe the ways in which we communicate and connect – to resonate – through sounds, vibrations, words and ideas. I call this “Intentional Resonance”, and it is the foundation of my work.

I have been privileged to work with many performers – both actors and singers of all ages and levels of experience. I think everyone can benefit from learning what actors know about achieving a relaxed and natural presence under pressure, about owning and delivering words with passion, and about unlocking and trusting one’s own unique creativity.

Each voice is as unique and special as a fingerprint. Learn to enjoy and employ yours to its fullest range of possibility and power.

Joy Juckes MFA


“Joy makes it clear that that thing which is "voice" is not some commodity to be bought or acquired, but the very essence of self -- and that there is a rational, organized way to go about sharing, projecting and being at ease with that.” -- Merlin Homer Psychologist and University Professor